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The Final Resurrection The Final Resurrection

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Okay this song is just sick > : D

Really sweet synth work man. Nice and sharp. I really like the voice samples used in this one.

The beat is sweet too, reminded me a lot of like the quake 3 arena soundtrack at some parts. which was designed by trent reznor, so take that as a great complement. :D

Although my only complaint is the length is a bit on the short side, but on the flip side, its short and its sweet. so i can't bitch. Haha.

good job man, keep making music for reelz.

shesmackshard responds:

thank you! I kept it short because of what spyrolivia was saying, it was getting very repetitive. as much as I love the genre, trance is just naturally repetitive ESPECIALLY without vocals...

thanks for the review man!

=Trial Of The Dead= =Trial Of The Dead=

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Solid tune, Funky name.

I would have totally imagined this song different if it wasn't for the title haha.

I can imagine this song being used in one of the "house of the dead" video games. Which is actually a pretty good thing, i could see it in a strange video arcade way.

As far as the jam goes its tight man, i like the steady flow and the good melody work. The beat is a little repetitive, but either way i still dug on it.

My only advice would probably just mix it up a little more, i felt like it kind of ended on the same note it started with never having a definitive climax or breakdown. The song keeps my energy up, but it slowly dies out as the jam just keeps going and going without ever building back up or changing pace.

Keep making music dude, i love this shit, Much respect.

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Ugilitiozavrus responds:

Well, this one was supposed to "keep energy up and slowly die".

Anyway, thanks for your solid review.

Involuntary Eviction of Soul Involuntary Eviction of Soul

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Charming : ) A taste of ivory

This piano is in very classical taste, and I love it.

The synths are a TAD cheesy around 1:10.. Reminds me of castlevania for some reason, but that isn't a bad thing.

The drums REALLY tie everything in for sure, and that was my favorite part. Although they almost stop too soon and often. So I'd be getting into the groove and they'd drop out.

But thats what kind of gives this song its RPG-like crafty drum n' bass feel.
It sounds to me like you destroyed a beautiful chopin piece.

*added you to favorite artists for this track

John-Gaden responds:

I rather enjoy destroying beautiful classical things. =D

Leap Year 39 Leap Year 39

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good show, Old boy!

Your melodies rock man, I'm really digging the ambient feel. (of course, listening my music im sure you can understand why)

In a way I write similar to this, so i pretty much love it to death.

The good?

Your synth work is phenomenal, your overall composition is dreamy and surreal, and it really caught my attention when the big arpeggiated synth came in around 2:00.

The bad?

The drums are really 2-dimensional, without much variation in the samples. Maybe try experimenting with the glitches as well, Sometimes the hats sound off time. make sure when you use the piano roll to glitch things up, you can edit velocity and panning too just as easy, and that will widen and diversify EVERYTHING.

My advise?

Its really fucking good man, The only thing I can really say is change up the drums.. Maybe make them a bit more flowly to the synths, while still keeping that glitch. Your mastering work is delicious and I could really taste the pads, But the hi-hats should really have a compressor on them, because its making your drums sound flat.

9/10 5/5

I'll check out another one of yours, I'm interested. Much respect.

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Track One_RR Track One_RR

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Got my blood pumping

Great song man!

I really loved the overall structure you have going on it, and the arpeggiated synths around the breakdown at 1:30, Kept it really hypnotic and fresh.

I think the mastering could be a bit balanced as some of the synths I think are a little too loud in some parts. maybe try to have a more diverse build, add a new chorus or melody. it felt like it was a little too simple and over too quick.

But its amazing so far, so despite the short length i still love it man, Keep making music. A+

RenoakRhythm responds:

ya definitely over too quick. After the initial build its rather repetative and boring for a full song, I didn't notice the synths being too loud, but i'll go back and check, maybe do some better EQing, or maybe its mastering... we'll see.

Thanks for the review nostromer.... I'll check out one of your songs.


|2008| Stairs on Fire |2008| Stairs on Fire

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Don't use copyrighted material.

Don't think anyone wouldn't notice that the entire melody of this song is:

"The theme of laura (reprise)"
From the Silent Hill 2 original soundtrack
composed by Akira Yamaoka in 2001.

K london - You have good vocals man, Don't waste them on unoriginal work.

I'll give you +1 point for the vocals and +1 for the shabby repetitive drums.


-Write your own stuff, A flash animator could have used this not knowing it was previously copyrighted and gotten in big trouble because of it.

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Chista responds:

Err, it's called sampled for the beat. >.< completely legit.
Take it up with Gorbanic.

==(Deep Blue Clouds)== ==(Deep Blue Clouds)==

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Loved everything, but felt like it ended thin.

Well done sir, Well done indeed.

The good?

-AMAZING writing technique and substance. I was blown away by your usage of synth, the flutes, and arrangement of everything mixed with the guitar near the middle-end was just flat out enjoyable. You have a serious talent for writing dude.

The bad?

-Your mastering isn't so great, the overal mix was quiet and the drums were waaay to ambient. If you threw a better compressor on the overall mix, and tweaked with some of the stereo settings this song would be an instant-favorite for me. The lack of good mastering can change an entire song, and this would be picture perfect if it was thicker and bassier. The song ended and It kind of felt like there wasn't any memorable parts or sections. It was just like "yo. here I am. here i go."

My advise?

- Its a little repetitive, but ONLY due to the bad mixing and mastering. the whole song sounds the same level, and overall I couldn't really tell some parts apart. Mix it up a little and put in some better drum fills / changes. If the drums were just louder, it would make this song have SUCH substance that you could taste it.

Final word?

I love it man, Fucking pure genius, you really have good writing, But start experimenting with some mastering, and maybe get a cheap (or even free) sonic maximizer plug-in to really blast it. your guitar tone is also great, but i feel the guitar just pops in and is like "hey. im here." Maybe make the sections with guitar more in depth- and even maybe have like a really really melow acoustic accompaniment.

MUCH respect, I'll look forward to your other works.

Buoy responds:

Yeah... I'm so much better at sound making and song writing than I am at mixing and mastering. I don't think I've ever been satisfied with the mix of any my songs. Well, except for the song I submitted before this one, I'm never satisfied with the mix of any my songs.

But you seem to know stuff about it, so there is one thing I would like to know: How to make the drum transients more silent without making the drums silent altogether? If you open the file in some audio editing program you'll see that the transients are way loud compared to the rest, which is why the mix is so quiet.

I've heard so many times that some kind of compressor will do this, but it seems that whatever I do, any compressor device will just emphasize drum transients even more and make everything else sound like shit.

I did use a maximizer, not alot though, as I'm not really going for a speaker-blasting volume.

For the guitar... I'm not a good guitarist, so I had to take a couple of takes before I could get what it is now right. This is the first time I'm ever using a guitar in a song- in coming songs I'll use it alot more.

Thanks for the review! I will def. take your suggestions and advice into consideration whenever I do the next edit of the track!

Last Hours Last Hours

Rated 5 / 5 stars

love it love it love it

Dark, dismal, energetic, Beautiful.

Dude, the second that bassy saw comes in at 0:27, I was totally engulfed. Great way to catch the listeners ear man, props.

The piano keeps it crisp and delicious while the higher arpeggiated synth comes in to give you a side of gravy.

The title is very fitting, and gives an overal texture to the piece and throws you into an abysmal world.

It sounds original man, And thats hard to come by these days in a genre like this.
The ride bell that comes in around 1:35 is a TOTAL welcome addition. It keeps it way fresh with everything.

Great arrangement, great drums, BUT - a little repetitive.
I love the little intro percussion reverby sounding thing that breaks down again around 2:25 or so.

Nearly perfect, BUT your mastering can be improved a little bit to make your overal mix sound really really bassy and thick. Despite the mastering, everything else was very enjoyable so 9.5/10.

But i'll still give you 10/10 - 5/5 rating.

So aside from the mastering, its a beautiful track and I'll def. check out your others. Keep making music man you rule.

Whimpy Sounding Loop Whimpy Sounding Loop

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A few problems, But easily fixable. A-

Really great concept man, but if your making a loop... the #1 thing to remember is it needs to loop FLAWLESSLY.

There is a bit of a pause, that would prevent most from using it for anything. Make sure its really polished.

Other then that, The concept is great. Its chill, i like the percussion and it has an overall really steady flow. It could also be a bit longer, like maybe extend it another measure or two.

The second my ears were REALLY figuring out what was going on, It was over. Its like a cock tease for your ears, and thats not cool :P

keep making music man, There is a few kinks, but you caught my attention enough that i'd write this in the first place.

My overall advise?

-Make it longer, its good enough to be.
-Smooth out edges and make it flow better
-Make the overall mastering a bit louder, and more lo-fi. (the sloppiness is what gives it the overall humanistic jazzy feel, its good. You don't want it to sound like a machine.)
-The guitar melody sounds good, but make it a little more pronounced. It seems to get a little lost in the ambience and makes it sound like the substance is just wishy washy.

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WeHaveFreshCookies responds:

Thanks for the helpful reveiw. All of the things that you said I should do, I think I can do. Especially the polishing of the loop.

So, ohter than the polishing, I need to bump up the volume of the acoustic guitar, I need to increase the length, and I need to turn up the volume on EVERYTHING. (Just make the whole thing louder?)

Water (Dj Sonik Original) Water (Dj Sonik Original)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Catchy, but forgetful.

First off, Very nice production, I'm impressed. Impressed enough to write this review, So good job dude.

The good - I really like the synth lines, the structure and overall build with the piano. It caught my attention and held on to the end of the track. the drums were delightful and the bass lines that coated them were very groovy. It reminded me of a really sweet track to go with an animation or video game shooter.

The bad - Unfortuantley generic trance artists are a dime a dozen, and I can't seem to find anything REALLY memorable about this piece. Sure its great, But to be honest, if you put a bunch of trance on shuffle, I wouldn't be able to pick you out as the artist of this.

My advise?

You have some seriously good shit going here, Just try to do something put your signature on it. To set it apart from all the other generic ass electronica out there. Try mixing up the percussion a little bit more too, and make it a bit more bassy. You might also try putting a lot of reverb, or a stereo EQ on your main synths ,so it will be a LOT thicker. Right now its groovin', but it ain't got no meat on its bones. It sounds thin and digital, not thick and beefy like trance should.

Much respect man, Keep making music.

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